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Below you will find the questions that our guests normally ask

Do you have hot springs services?

No. Although our EcoParque is located very close to the hot springs areas. One access is by a gravel road (around 300 meters) and another one is with a boat and trekking tour. The price of the cabins does not include access to hot springs. You can book it separately.

Is there cellphone and internet service?

No. Our EcoParque is located in one of the most remote places of the Bío Bío Region. Here you can only connect with yourself or with the person you choose to share your trip.

Does the cabin price include the Tour Operator service?

No. You can book separately the Tour Operator or Transfer service (Check the prices here). Remember that the cabins have Access to our EcoParque and you can easily drive to the location.
You can check google Maps here.

Does the cabin price include the boat tours?

No. The cabin price does not include boat tours. You can book them separately or otherwise enjoy the EcoParque with its views to the Bío Bío River, native forest and Waterfalls.